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You can view some of my (collaborative) projects by clicking on the links below.

Cineforum: The Failed Canon of European Cinema? September 2021. In collaboration with Kriterion, Amsterdam.
Eleven film screenings opened the discussion to various themes concerning European identity. Together with audience members, we discussed the fuzzy borders and representations of themes, spaces, cultures and perspectives in such a canon. Each film was introduced by an expert. Artists, academics, film critics and psychoanalysts each brought their own perspective on this incomplete starting point of a European film canon. Themes included European (art) history, colonialism, East and West, migration, North and South, and gender.

Wat zijn geesteswetenschappen? (in collaboration with Dr. Elio Baldi, commissioned by the University of Amsterdam, in Dutch):

Amsterdam Stories, pt. 2 (history in the city):

Somalo-Italianità in the U.K. (work in process; part of OWRI Fellowship at the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London) (collaborative intermedial project on the Somali-Dutch community in the UK):

Africa is You trailer:

Familiar Strangers (writers workshop ‘Familiar Strangers: Writing Across Languages and Cultures’, Birmingham, UK):

Amsterdam Stories, pt. 1 (history in the city):

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Still from Africa is You, Copyrights B-Roll B Productions